JTBD Hotspots: Peloton Fitness Equipment

12 Aug 2020

Jobs to be Done (JTBD) comprise three types of hotspots.

  1. Practical. This is the best understood element and often the only aspect used to persuade people to buy a product/service.
  2. Emotional. This is how the experience of using a product/service makes one feel.
  3. Social. This is both connection to others and the sense one has about how others view them.

Peloton sells stationary bikes and treadmills. The practical aspect of the stationary bike (I’ll focus just on the bike) is fairly straightforward: get in shape, have more energy, etc.

But this is not enough. In a very unscientific poll among friends, I have found that their stationary bikes and treadmills are more likely to be used as a holding place for clothes or some such, 6than to be used for regular workouts.

Peloton has evolved from being just a high-end training aid to a place to find community and for individuals to feel engaged when they use the equipment and app.

Peloton has dozens of live and on-demand classes that range from challenging to what they call “feel-good” rides. Peloton promises that their trainers will keep you feeling motivated.They have also created structured workouts that appeal to the differing emotional needs of their riders—feeling good, feeling like you gave it your all, feeling like you’re improving, etc.—to keep users engaged. These are all aspects of the emotional hotspot: how people feel about themselves when they use Peloton.

Finally, Peloton has worked to plug people into a social system. For instance, if you and your friends are on at the same time, you can work out together or challenge each other to a race. There’s also a whole “Community” section of Peloton’s website, devoted to stories about how the growing Peloton community has been invaluable in user’s progress, and how to find the right social group for your goals.

JTBD Hotspots: Peloton Fitness Equipment is built on the principles we teach in our live, online Product Science Bootcamp.

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