Farshad Nayeri

Farshad Nayeri, founder.

Farshad, with Clay Christensen and David Sundahl, created DisuptiveInnovation.org, the first research community system for advancement in the study of innovation.

Prior to founding dx.MBA, Farshad founded Pixxa where he leads the development of Pixxa’s products to help users create motion data visualizations that explain complex business phenomena. As iGEN Corporation’s CTO, Farshad developed the first Digital Clock app in 2008 on the AppStore. Since then he has led the development of hundreds of apps resulting in more than 7 million downloads and several trips to the iOS Top App Lists. Farshad has architected dozens of carrier-grade core software systems throughout his career.

Having received dual Bachelors in Computer Science and Mathematics, Farshad earned an MS/CS from University of Massachusetts. He has also attended classes at Harvard , MIT, and Stanford.

See also: farshad.io.

Farshad Nayeri's work has influenced the design of: