INNOVATION, for the rest of us

Stuck on a Business Problem?

You know that problem…
The one that never goes away.

You want to “innovate”
but you don’t know how.

You’ve tried everything:
team training,
management consulting,
even executive education.

But the problem is still there.

You’re stuck!

What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do

You know the drill:

Bad Plans

Start the scrum.
Collect all the data.
Let’s jump on Zoom.
Must do an off-site.
Make an estimate.
Open the checkbook.

Bad Plans

Slim chance these will help.
These might be great ways to solve known problems, but they are not built to manage unknowns.

There is a better way: Innovation Science.
By applying scientific thinking, we can cause innovation.

Think Visually. Act Causally.

When stuck on a problem, it's always helpful to look at it from a different point of view. We call this "looking at the problem through a different lens".

Starting with this simple but powerful concept of a lens, we constructed the principles of innovation science, combining insights from the world's top thinkers in  business and  science.

What we created is a visual system that's easy to learn and  quick to apply.

Introducing the Lens Catalog. Strategic thinking has never been so easy.

Struggle + Lens = Progress

Remember the problem… the one that never goes away?

With the Lens Catalog, all you have to do is to apply the right lens for your particular problem. With this new knowledge, you are now on your way toward the final solution.

Struggle + Lens ⇒ Progress

What People Say about

Open quotes

I loved Christensen's Competing Against Luck conceptually, but I didn't have a concrete idea of Jobs to be Done until now.

Open quotes

The Tools of Cooperation lens is like a debugger for meetings. I can't imagine dealing with office politics without it.

Open quotes

We’d been stuck for a long time trying to discuss customers interactions. Forces of Progress lens has given us a whole new language for it.

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